What is Breathwork? 
Breathwork is a powerful and energizing healing practice that assists in releasing deeply held patterns in the emotional, mental and physical bodies. Through the practice of inner exploration guided by your own breath, you may gain access to altered states of consciousness, and through this, the potential for transformation of old or stuck patterns which in turn frees up your life force (prana) and brings in more energy and a sense of aliveness. 

Experience Surround Sound Headphones 
Surround sound headphones are a powerful tool for up-leveling your breathwork and guided meditation practice. Music is judiciously and creatively selected, using binaural beats, higher frequency, 8d, 12d as well as emotionally engaging tracks to create an environment that supports you in exploring deeper states of relaxation, meditation and the sub-conscious. Using headphones (and eye coverings) creates an immersive and supportive opportunity for you to explore your inner realm and engage with self healing through guided inner self- reflection.

Who is Breathwork For?
The short answer: anyone who’s breathing! Elemental Rhythm is a powerful yet accessible type of breathwork that can be tailored to each person’s needs. You don’t need any previous breathwork experience and the practice is perfectly safe. There are a few contraindications such as being pregnant, having seizures or any severe heart issues. 

How do you feel after breathwork? 
The effects after breathwork are individual and often vary from session to session. Many people report feeling sensations of ease and vibrancy, feeling alive, grounded and peaceful. Mentally, breathwork helps get perspective so that the problems you entered the session with suddenly feel less significant. It also promotes focus, concentration and mental clarity. Depending on the type of breathwork, you may feel alert and awake or relaxed and ready for bed. 

Do I need prior experience? 
No prior experience is required. However, it is best to start with at least one introductory class or meet with Jenn prior to the first session so you understand the process. 

How long is a typical session? 
Sessions typically last 90 minutes. Some specialty or fusion classes will be 2+ hours. We are not doing breathwork the entirety of the session. 

What should I wear or bring to class? 
Be comfortable with loose fitting clothing that you are comfortable wearing while lying on the floor. You are welcome to bring a water bottle. Optional, bring your own yoga mat and pillows or blankets if you wish (we have everything available at the sanctuary for your practice). Bring your open, beginner’s mind and curious heart and highest intentions for your own wellbeing.