A Transformative Experience

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Enjoy Life Fully

Perform Better

Reduce Stress

Be Happier




I’m convinced we all have something in common:

We all want to feel better. 

We want to feel understood. Seen for who we know ourselves to be. 

We want peace... and joy. 

To be love and loved.

This is an ageless desire. The older we get we are use to burying it and conceding to the life that has unfolded outside of us. And ignored the inner life that is alive and ever changing. I want to help us anchor to that inner life. The life of possibility (not limitation). The life unchartered… not the life already traversed and picked apart and “figured out” in resignation.

If this resonates for you, follow me into the chapter unfolding in the form of breathwork that connects us to that inner life and landscape and bridges us to the world out there. 

As I'm sharing it, Breathwork is a powerful and energizing healing practice that assists in releasing deeply held patterns in the emotional, mental and physical bodies. Through the practice of inner exploration guided by your own breath, you may gain access to altered states of consciousness, and through this, the potential for transformation of old or stuck patterns which in turn frees up your life force (prana) and brings in more energy and a sense of aliveness. 

These Breathwork classes are a fusion of techniques from many modalities that I've studied, including Elemental Rhythm Breathwork, yoga and meditation, nervous system regulation, studies in higher states of consciousness, holistic wellbeing and more. I use intelligently crafted customized playlists to support you in your journey. The goal is always to clear and release what is ready to go, and thus deepen your connection to your self with a more clear perspective.

Intro to Breathwork Basics

Want to learn more? This Introductory class, which is more a workshop plus practice will include discussions and also more in depth lessons on how to breath in a more productive way. Offered about once a month on Sunday 1-3pm. 

The Breakthrough Experience

The Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience (ERBE) is the tried and true signature class designed by Elemental Rhythm. Join me on select Saturday Mornings for this transformational guided practice.

Flow & Fusion Experiences

On select Thursday evenings, I offer the Flow Experience with guided meditations to support your journey into your deeper nature. Also expect to find unique fusion classes in many of the retreats, workshops and special events I offer.

About Breathwork: 

Breathwork is starting to gain in popularity worldwide – but the practice is actually not new at all. The term Breathwork can mean many different things to many different people, with various styles and modalities and new spins on this ancient practice. There is no right or wrong – we like to think of it as different styles or flavors that will resonate with different types of people.

A loose definition of breathwork is “breathing in a specific pattern to achieve a certain goal”. In a session, you combine different types of breaths (inhalation and exhalation) for different durations, speeds, and intensities together with breath holds or retentions (on inhale or exhale). This affects the central nervous system and ripples out as physical, mental and emotional changes.

Some breathwork benefits practitioners seek are more energy, vitality, clarity, focus, pain alleviation, resilience, presence and peace.

While the science behind what is breathwork is recent, the practice itself is ancient. Conscious breathing has been used for thousands of years, for example, as pranayama – one of the eight limbs of yoga. Controlled breathing has also been used in qi gong and martial arts and cultures related to Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Shamanism, and Sufism.

Breathwork is like a light shining on all the shadows – mental and emotional – so that you can become aware of them and consciously let them go. The breathwork benefits and experience varies widely from person to person and time to time. Sometimes it can be purely physical but you experience a change of mindset or mood. In a longer session can go deeper into the roots of your challenges or the essence of who you truly are.